The Analogue Hydraulic Tester measures all three basic parameters: flow, pressure and temperature in a hydraulic system. Suitable for fault-finding and checking performance of equipment, saves hours of guess-work and reduces down time.

• Capacities - Flow: 378 lpm (100 US GPM) Pressure: 420 bar (6000PSI)

• Accuracy better than +/- 4% of full scale

• Temperature range 0-116°C (0-240°F)

• Built-in INTERPASS™ protection against pressure overload. (safety burst discs included)

• Flow meter has a dual scale calibrated in both LPM and GPM (Imperial)

• Pressure gauge is dual scale, 0-400/6000 bar/psi liquid filled for fast reliable reading of fluctuating pressures

• Can be connected “In Line” between the pump and valve for convenient machine testing

• Heat stressed hydraulic fluids can be a major factor in component failure. The thermometer is dual scale °C and °F is

  a carefully dnd integrated part of a high quality unit.

• No electrical components

• No aluminium components

Application:  Suitable for Underground Coal and Hard Rock mining equipment

Precise | Portable | Reduces maintenance costs | Time saving | Easy to operate


Analogue Hydraulic Tester- FTM400R Mining Underground


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